FIBA 3X3 World Tour

Penang Masters


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

In 2018, World Hoops had the opportunity to host a Masters, the highest-ranked tournament on the 3X3 circuit. Thus, the Penang Masters was by far the most prestigious event we had undertaken. Everything was scaled up; and the experience was once-in-a-lifetime.


As the last stop of the World Tour, the Penang Masters included the best teams and the biggest superstars from around the world. Every team was competing for a spot in the Beijing Finals, which meant that each game was full of action and drama. In the final, Liman defeated rivals Piran in one of the most exciting matches in recent history.


The players also showcased their marksmanship in a remarkable shootout, and we even brought in professional World Tour dunkers for an incredible dunk contest. The fans truly enjoyed a weekend of elite basketball.


Showcasing Penang's Culture

Still, the entertainment wasn’t limited to the court. We took this special opportunity to invite local and cultural artists to perform on our big stage. With the world focused on us, they showcased their talents and highlighted Penang’s unique culture to our global audience. 


We also organized many interactive opportunities for fans to participate and engage with the event throughout the weekend. Overall, the Penang Masters was an unbelievable experience. It solidified World Hoops’ reputation in the 3X3 community and brought Penang together like never before.

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