FIBA 3X3 World Tour

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In 2012, FIBA transformed 3-on-3 basketball into a full-fledged 3X3 World Tour. Considered the number one urban team sport, 3X3 stems from its original form of street basketball. A simple and flexible game consisting of merely a hoop, half-court, and six players, 3X3 exploded into popularity in sports history as its intense, action-packed format has captivated global audiences. The 3X3 World Tour begins with Challengers, pre-qualifying tournaments for teams to get into the World Tour circuit. The two teams that place in the final get a ticket to the Masters, the next round in the World Tour. Those who succeed go on to the exclusive World Tour Finals. Due to its extreme growth, 3X3 was added to the Olympic Program on June 9th, 2017, beginning at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

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“We came for the joy of being here, feeling the vibe of this big crowd, seeing new faces in our 3X3 world… It is always pleasing to know that each year FIBA 3X3 multiplies the level of the World Tour events, like the Penang Challenger. I can’t be thankful enough for just that.”

Jasmin Hercegovac
FIBA 2013, 2016 World Tour winner


First Stop on the 3X3 World Tour

The World Hoops Penang Challenger is the second highest ranked competition on the prestigious FIBA 3X3 World Tour circuit. It is the starting point for world-class, professional teams in their quest of winning the ultimate prize: the World Tour Finals. Our previous Challengers have sent elite players to the Utsunomiya Masters in Japan and the Hyderabad Masters in India, and they have gone on to win it all.

Located in Gurney Paragon Mall

World Hoops has pioneered a new venue, a shopping mall, for hosting FIBA 3X3 tournaments. Our Penang Challenger has set itself apart from other 3X3 events because instead of a regular outdoor court, we have organized multiple competitions within the main atrium of Gurney Paragon Mall. This format not only attracts a larger, more lively audience but also benefits the players as everyone can enjoy the comfort and the special value of a quality establishment.

Attracts teams from all over the globe

Top 10 FIBA 3X3 teams from around the world have consistently participated in the World Hoops Penang Challenger. We have hosted accomplished players from Slovenia, Serbia, Japan, Australia, Russia, Poland, Togo, Malaysia, and many more countries. Even the past two World Tour Finals champions, Ljubljana and Zemun, have competed on our court, which is a testament to the excellence of our tournament.

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