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Our Mission

World Hoops seeks to inspire youth to learn and grow through basketball training and English communication






Sign up for our basketball training programs and receive specific lessons tailored to your needs and abilities. All ages and levels are welcomed to learn, practice, and enhance your skills and knowledge!


Take advantage of the World Hoops court to train or to enjoy a casual pick-up game with your friends. Use our shooting machine to avoid the trouble of rebounding. Reserve your times, lace up, and start playing now!

Basketball Camps

Enroll in our unique basketball camps run by world-class, professional coaches to expand your skill set and take your game to the next level. Don’t miss out on these exclusive opportunities to gain invaluable experiences.A�

English Center


Enroll in our effective English courses, and immerse yourself into a special learning environment. Master the language and communicate fluently through our affordable Scholastic Program that guarantees improvement.

Scholastic Program

Learn about the interactive, engaging, and dynamic Scholastic course that we use in our classrooms. Discover how this comprehensive program presents an interesting way of learning English and offers unmatched benefits to students at all levels.

English Camps
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FIBA 3X3 World Tour

Explore the fascinating world of FIBA 3X3, and find out how World Hoops and Penang fit into the professional circuit of this Olympic sport. Follow how 3X3 has transformed basketball with its intense, action-packed format.

Penang Challenger

Look back at the evolution of the World Hoops Penang FIBA 3X3 Challenger, and relive the highlights of Penanga��s biggest sporting event. Dive into an incredible experience like no other.

Grassroots Tournament

Learn how World Hoops has impacted and served its community through various 3X3 grassroots tournaments that delivers the quality of professional games to youth. Keep an eye out for future events and join us next time!

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