FIBA 3X3 World Tour

Penang Challenger

First Stop on the FIBA 3X3 World Tour

The World Hoops Penang 3X3 Challenger is the second-highest ranked competition on the FIBA 3X3 World Tour circuit. It is the starting point for professional teams in their quest of winning the ultimate prize: the World Tour Finals. Our previous Challengers have sent players to the Utsunomiya Masters (Japan), the Hyderabad Masters (India), and the Mexico City Masters (Mexico). Some of these elite teams have even gone to win it all.


As a result, the World Hoops Penang 3X3 Challenger has consistently attracted the top 10 FIBA 3X3 teams from around the world. We have hosted accomplished players from Slovenia, Serbia, Russia, Poland, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, and many other countries. The champions of the past 7 World Tour Finals have all competed on our court, which is a testament to the excellence of our event.

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Outreach and Social Responsibility

The Penang Challenger has also been a great opportunity for us to engage in outreach campaigns towards the public and our global audience. For youth, we have organized associated grassroots tournaments for them to participate. For the wider community, we have promoted several social responsibility initiatives, advocating for important causes. For example, we partnered with Intel to support a greener lifestyle. Because of the appeal of this event, these campaigns have been widely successful.

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