About Us

Who are we?

World Hoops is a sporting organization and educational institution operating in the beautiful island of Penang, Malaysia. We offer a variety of basketball training programs and services as well as supplementary English courses to individuals of all ages and levels. We are also a high-profile FIBA 3X3 organizer as we host elite 3X3 Challengers for world-class, professional players and exceptional grassroots tournaments for our community.


What makes us different?

World Hoops is the premier FIBA 3X3 organizer in Southeast Asia

Our expertise allows us to design outstanding basketball lessons and events

World Hoops implements the Scholastic English curriculum

This interactive, dynamic program is by far the most affordable, interesting, and beneficial program for learning English.

World Hoops integrates both basketball and English in our services

This approach gives students the opportunity to apply and practice the abilities they learn in the classroom on the court

2018: World Hoops Center
2018: World Hoops Center
Girls Grassrotos photo
Felix driving
2018: Basketball Fever Camp
2018: Basketball Fever Camp
Team Ljubljana
2018: Grassroots Tournament
2018: Grassroots Tournament


At World Hoops, we believe that life is all about learning. Our mission is to inspire individuals to learn and grow through basketball training and English communication. We aspire to help people develop into leaders of society. We want everyone to have good character, work ethic, and the ability to communicate effectively, which is why we have designed our basketball programs and English courses to reflect those priorities. Whether it is on the court or in the classroom, we challenge our students to persevere and excel in a variety of situations, highlighting the importance of commitment and dedication. Our passion lies in serving the community, so we appreciate the chance to work with individuals and guide them in the path of becoming the best that they can be.


World Hoops commits to focusing on every little detail because we realize our potential to lay the foundation of a brighter future for many people. The best way to teach is to set an example, so we continuously aim for perfection and devote ourselves to learning and growing as a company. We are never content as we constantly search for areas of improvement. We pay attention to every aspect and work hard to deliver as we seek to go above and beyond in all of our programs and events. Integrating feedback and embracing change, World Hoops promises to always offer the best services because we have set a high standard of excellence that our customers deserve.


Basketball offers a multitude of learning situations and conveys significant values while English provides important communication skills and opens numerous doors of opportunity. Therefore, World Hoops hopes to enable individuals to succeed in life and achieve their goals. Our business is predicated on teaching life lessons, building positive relationships, and providing great experiences. Our long-term goal is to establish a safe space for people to learn and grow. We want to present a platform for everyone to express themselves and develop into productive members of society. In order to achieve that vision, we continually strive towards expanding the World Hoops Center and our programs to strengthen our position as the premier, affordable educational and sporting institution.

“World Hoops is all about giving people, children and adults alike, the opportunity to grow into to who they are meant to be. Seeing people walk through the doors and leave confident in their own skin is why I love this job.”

Joanne Sudarasan
“It is the people here and their values that set World Hoops apart. I have never worked with more passionate and caring people than the teachers and staff in both our English and basketball programs.”

Sue Lim
Marketing Manager

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