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In 2016, World Hoops brought the exciting world of FIBA 3X3 to Penang for the first time. Malaysia had never witnessed such a unique sporting event, and our plan was to establish the Penang Challenger as a world class event, one that would not only attract the upper echelon of professional 3×3 teams but also captivate thousands of fans within the local community and around the world.A�


After a successful 3X3 tournament in 2016, World Hoops set its sights on even higher goals and aspired to elevate its Challenger to even greater heights in 2017. This time, everything would be bigger, better, and more ambitious. The bar was high, but we met the challenge and delivered a weekend packed with exciting drama and incredible action.

Sixteen teams from all around the world participated in the 2017 World Hoops Penang FIBA 3X3 Challenger, including those ranked in the top twenty such as Ljubljana, St. Petersburg, and Krakow. Four teams represented Malaysia, and all of them put up an extraordinary effort although they eventually fell short of the quarter finals. Every moment of the tournament was entertaining as the audience experienced unbelievable dunks, stunning two-point shootouts, and nail-biting games. Even the final did not disappoint as both Ljubljana and St. Petersburg had sensational performances. The match went down to the last minute, and Ljubljana prevailed, claiming the title, the USD 6,000 grand prize, and the tickets to the Utsunomiya Masters.

It is safe to say that the 2017 World Hoops Penang Challenger exceeded all expectations. Sponsors, organizers, players, and the fans expressed their amazement at the success of the event. World Hoops had captivated thousands of people not only in our local community but also around the world. Penang, now a premier FIBA 3X3 destination, could not wait for 2018.


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